During the meeting we are introducing AMCP eModel – a new framework to improve utility, transparency and usefulness of health economic models.

“The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) and Digital Health Outcomes (DHO) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership on AMCP eModel, a health economic model communications and data analytics​ platform used to support health care decision makers and life science manufacturer organizations. ​​This tool will provide a turnkey process for manufacturers to digitize their economic models into user-friendly interactive tools and improve their transparency, accessibility, and utility to health care decision makers in payer organizations” says AMCP Press Release. 

This new strategic partnership will focus on leveraging DHO technology stack to improve processes surrounding all stages of health economic models lifecycle (from development to launch and introduction of continuous updates).

“Partnering with AMCP is important as they have been a leader in establishing industry standards in formulary review and evidence with the AMCP Format. We are aligned with their vision of more interactive, transparent, validated, and accessible tools for their member commu​nity.​​​ ​​​W​e will work together to further refine​ and​ innovate​ the platform ​to​​ ​create industry standards ​that​​ ​meet key unmet needs, expand access to new channels, and address gaps that exist,” said Oleksandr Topachevskyi, managing director​ and founder​ at Digital Health Outcomes​ LLC​.

“AMCP has been at the forefront of exchange of information between manufacturers and health care decision makers that ultimately helps patients access the therapies they need in a timely and efficient manner. The role of health economic models are important in this process, and their role continues to evolve as the focus on paying for value in our health-system escalates,” said AMCP CEO Susan Cantrell, MHL, RPh, CAE. “This new partnership aligns with our vision and complements existing initiatives such as AMCP Format for Formulary Submissions and Pre-approval Information Exchange (PIE) webinars and other tools. We look forward to working with DHO to drive innovations in health economic models, real-world evidence data collection, and value-informed decision-making.”

About AMCP

AMCP is the professional association leading the way to help patients get the medications they need at a cost they can afford. AMCP’s diverse membership of pharmacists, physicians, nurses, biopharmaceutical professionals, and other stakeholders leverage their specialized expertise in clinical evidence and economics to optimize medication benefit design and population health management and help patients access cost-effective and safe medications and other drug therapies. AMCP members improve the lives of nearly 300 million Americans served by private and public health plans, pharmacy benefit management firms, and emerging care models. Visit www.amcp.org.

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​​About DHO 

DHO is an established software solutions partner and a global leader in designing digital platforms to manage and communicate health economics models and value evidence at scale, by allowing users to easily adapt information for their decision-making. Our eModel PlatformTM powers multiple US based pharmaceutical and medical device clients including 2,100+ users from healthcare decision makers and HTA bodies to Market Access and HEOR teams. Other DHO software solutions include: interactive value communication tools, ePRO and RWE data collection apps, data processing, integration and visualization solutions.

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