Interactive Health Economic Modeling Platform

eModels Platform is an end-to-end SaaS solution for creation, localisation and communication of digitised health economic models and value evidence at scale.

Country Adaptations

Use simple interface to translate the app content, adapt country data and references. Easily add local evidence, studies and data as new app pages. Configure country owner, currency sign and user groups access.

Approval Workflows

Functionality to support global-to-local content dissemination and medical and legal review (MLR) and approval processes. Includes automated generation of all app pages as PDF report including model results, key assumptions and references.


Detailed usage and parameter value analytics including app clickthrough metrics, assets owership and variation in model input parameters across different user groups. Data export to third-party analytics dashboarding solutions and data lakes.

Powerful content editor

Content Management System (CMS) designed to reduce health economic model app time-to-market and achieve consistency in presentation across different brands and model types

Excel model running as Web or Mobile app

Migration of cost-effectiveness and budget impact models into app format allowing to perform live modeling simulations of clinical and cost outcomes to support real-time negotiations with decision-makers.

Comprehensive user interface templates library

Comprehensive collection of popular pages, interfaces, widgets and navigation patterns for streamlined content creation and dissemination.

Collaboration and group work features

Collaborative content editing allows multiple members of the team to simultaneously wireframe and develop model and value story.

Create new or modify existing apps in-house

Fitted for in-house app development with no coding or involvement of third-party software suppliers required.

Charts, tables and other popular widgets

Powerful collection of standard and custom charts, tables, data visualisation for effective presentation of health economics models.

Custom data visualisations and simulations

Integration of custom data visualisations in D3.js, Tableau, Google Data Studio and other. One-way sensitivity analysis and Monte-Carlo simulations running on the web.
Flexible Hosting
We provide several hosting options depending on your organization's IT requirements and the scale of apps production. They include following ISO 27001 certified providers: cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) or phisical hosting. We offer configuration of Single Sign-On (SSO), Risk and Security assessment, in-house appstore distribution.
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