We are announcing eModels Platform – the new end-to-end solution for health economic models digitisation and communication

It has taken us some quite years to develop and release our new eModels Platform for health economics models and global value dossier (GVD) creation, adaptation and value communications. This new integrated solution offers a suite of functionality for complete editorial control and global-to-local adaptation and usage analytics of  cost-effectiveness and budget health economics models and value demonstration tools.

Key features of the eModels Platform: 

  • Rich content editor inclusive of custom widgets and charts (one-way sensitivity, difference bar charts, community visualisations)
  • Role based users management
  • Designed for storytelling
  • Support of lightweight and heavy Excel models
  • Localisation module including functionality to easily translate the app content and modify data and references
  • Comprehensive usage and clickthrough analytics
  • Flexible hosting (internal or third party cloud)
  • Compliant solution (21CFR) capable of producing a complete audit trail of all user and system administrator actions
  • Runs on all devices including Tablet (iPad, Android) and PC (Windows and Mac)
  • Full offline capabilities allowing to execute the model app  in offline setting
  • Seamlessly push content updates and release of new evidence without corrupting existing version launched in the field
  • Version history and medical and legal review and approval workflows

eModels Platform Benefits: 

  • Fast time-to-market of the health economics models apps
  • Efficient communication of the economic and clinical value story
  • Scalable solution for long-run content updates at global scale

If you are interested, please sign-up for an early access program! See examples of interactive health economics models here.

Best wishes,

Digital Health Outcomes Team


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