Cost-effectiveness model app

What cost-effectiveness model app is?

Digital health outcomes is featuring interactive cost-effectiveness model app delivered as iPad or web tool for engagement with healthcare payers and providers. It allows to apply custom user inputs, generate decision-maker’ specific results and PDF report with all references and assumptions. This health economics modelling app also allow to conduct uncertainty analysis by running one-way sensitivity analysis or probabilistic sensitivity  analysis (Monte-Carlo simulation) on the cloud server.

Figure 1: Typical results page for interactive cost-effectiveness model app:

How cost-effectiveness model app is delivered?

Digital Health Outcomes transforms Excel-based cost-effectiveness models into powerful decision-making tool by deploying them at dedicated eModels Platform that offers a suite for enterprice features for global to local distribution and content localisation.

Where can I find examples of a cost-effectiveness model app?

Example of interactive cost-effectiveness model app at our dedicated cost-effectiveness model app page describing it’s features. Alternatively you can explore a public example of  online cost-effectiveness model or reach out to to request a demo and learn more.

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