Data processing and visualisations became a priority for many companies, especially in the era of big data. Companies from pharmaceutical, telecom, energy and other sectors create separate data processing/visualization departments or engage with external consulting agencies and dataviz experts to take evidence based and data driven decisions. It is also worth mentioning that finding out certain fact or regularity in myriads of corporate data is often not enough by itself – it is also important (and usually much harder) to convince your colleagues, clients and partners that your discovery is true and relevant to business. And again that’s when proper visual data presentation is of great help. In this case focused interactive infographics or videos might be the best form to communicate value and convince internal stakeholders.

Personalised user interfaces combined with interactive data visualizations and data storytelling modes improve the level of information perception and content engagement in modern mobile/web environment. Endless data visualisation possibilities, availability of powerful third party tools/libraries and affordability of custom software engineering drive the growth and further expansion of this exiting interactive data visualisations approaches globally.