We are delighted to support the US based Institute for Clinical and Economic (ICER) in launching a dedicated interactive modeling platform hosting a wide variety of cost-effectiveness and budget impact models developed by ICER and their partner academic modelling groups. We strongly believe that this modelling platform has the potential to substantially advance users’ understanding of the health economic models and specifically bring more clarity to the relation between inputs and the results as well as to improve an overall clarity and transparency around cost-effectiveness models.

The Interactive Modeller™ is a part of ICER Analytics™ – a new cloud-based platform that will revolutionise the ability of payers, life science companies, patient groups, and others to develop formularies, negotiate drug prices, and explore new ways to apply evidence in a drive toward a health system that can achieve fair prices and fair access for all – says the ICER press release. This collaboration is being an important step for Digital Health Outcomes and we are thankful for acknowledging our contribution.

“ICER’s Interactive Modeler is powered by Digital Health Outcomes, a global leader in designing software to help unlock the true potential of health economics models by allowing users to easily adapt information for their decision-making” – says the ICER press release.

ICER’s models that were used to generate Final Reports are deployed as powerful web-based apps allowing users to change key input parameters and generate their own set of results.

 “Those who want to insert their own evidence; who want to use the backbone of an ICER economic model to make a customized argument for value with a client or a negotiating partner; who want to compare quickly their own prices to the prices at different cost-effectiveness thresholds or using alternative measures to the QALY — all will find this now possible. Patient groups, financial analysts, employer groups — everyone will find new ways to use our work. ICER Analytics supercharges our ability to help those who participate in research development, pricing, and coverage decisions both here at home and internationally do so transparently, using the best evidence, and in service of a better health care system for all.”  – said Steven D. Pearson, MD, MSc, ICER’s President.

See ICER Analytics powered by digital health outcomes in action:

The key features of interactive models: 

  • dual interactive cost-effectiveness and budget impact models
  • all key model inputs are modifiable
  • detailed outcomes and the results
  • consistent look and feel and outcomes reporting
  • complete parametric uncertainty analysis (one-way sensitivity analysis, probabilistic sensitivity analysis, scenario analysis)
  • data scenarios sharing
  • executive summary as PDF reports
  • submit and publish data scenario to appear alongside ICER’s results
Figure: Interface example – Health Benefit Price Benchmarks page
To learn more please visit our site pages presenting examples or the software platform to build interactive models to build them.
With all the best wishes of a successful start of 2021 year!
Digital Health Outcomes