Digital Technologies in Healthcare and obstacles to their adoption in large organisations

In the current age of rapidly developing informational technologies they are literally impacting more and more spheres of social life, and Healthcare has not been an exception. Such notions as Digital Marketing and eDetailing have infiltrated pharmaceutical and life science industries long ago and reliably anchored within. This process quickly included the products of fast growing market of mobile/tablet devices and other gadgets. Thus, new user-friendly application development opportunities were discovered, often accompanied by cloud-based technologies, which are globally accessible and synched.

Such new abilities to link patients with doctors using online networks and other modern technological opportunities greatly improve patient awareness about existing drugs and treatment pathways; however there remains a number of obstacles, which interfere with the rapid deployment of healthcare innovations into our daily life and in this article we will identify and discover their meaning.

It is yet a well-known fact, that implementation of modern technologies into healthcare greatly improves our life standards and increase lifespan. However, such implementation rapidity may vary and it directly depends on the identification and solution of the related problems and obstacles.

Article was written based on the DHO team experience and literature review.

Oleksandr Topachevskyi

Oleksandr Topachevskyi


Oleksandr is a health economist with a strong background in economic evaluations of healthcare programmed and health economics modelling, epidemiology, statistics, patient reported outcomes data collection and software solutions development. From 2009 to 2014 he worked at in GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines HQ at a position of a global health economics manager.

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