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We work at the intersection of health economics, modeling, statistics, data science, IT and develop tools communicating findings of the quantitative research in understandable, credible and efficient digital manner. These tools are designed for internal use as well as for stakeholders and payers engagement.


We provide software engeneering and consulting solutions to maximize effectiveness of pharmaceutical market access strategies
and improve data/evidence flow within global pharma.

Health Economics
Value communication
Data visualisation & UI / UX

Health Economics Modelling

We develop and transform HEOR models into user friendly mobile and web apps - eModels

Market access tools

eDetailing apps for external facing, evidence repository, interacve global value dossiers - eGVD.

Interactive dashboards & apps

Software engeneering of native iOS / Android or web apps built upon your business process (Excel model, any database, paper dossier, other file type)

Social media insights

Market research & decision-making based on SM listening, data mining, monitoring and analytics. Conducting studies in SM.

Data Mining & Processing

Implementation of classical data processing algorithms in new fields. Data aggregation and evidence synthesis. Patterns recognition. Statistical analyses. Machine Learning.

mHealth software engeneering

Development of custom health applications. Design and wireframes, programming, databases, cloud computing, external services integration.

Models developed
Projects completed
Congress presentations
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Why go Digital?

Our customly developed interactive health economics model apps (eModels), data visualiusations and applications have a number of advantages compared to the conventional tools like MS Excel. eModels employ wide range of external data visualisation tools like D3.js for producing dynamic, interactive data visualizations. Interactive data visualisations are superior to static infographics, dashboards and standard reports. They allow to drill down and arond, interact with data/content and iteratively ask better questions and find answers. They are also enriched with dedicated interfaces desgined to support model presenttaion workflow and engagement with external stakeholders.

  • Web population model page 1
  • Web population model page 2
  • Web population model page 3
  • Web population model page 4
  • Web population model page 5
Web model mockup

User Experience

Our usability experts adopt a functional design principles, where form follows function. We believe that “less is more” and that “firing cannon at sparrows” is not a way to go in modern web development. We tend to use cutting edge design and usability (UI/UX) patterns, while taking into account profiles of various users and end audiences as well as their ways of engagement. The end products appears in a form of a lightweight application fitted for a specific or generic role.

Clients & Partners

AbbVie | Pharmaceutical Research & Development
Merck & Co
Vifor Pharma
World Bank Group
Manpower group
Global market access solutions
Pope Woodhead Associates Ltd
Envision Pharma Group
Adelphi Values
Deloitte Consulting LLP


We are Digital Health Outcomes

Digital Health Outcomes (DHO) is a consulting company specialising on the design, development and delivery of software platforms, mobile apps, health economics models and optimised value narratives in understandable and impactful digital manner.We attract professionals from various fields, merge their knowledge and produce modern digital content for pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Our team has more than 10 years of experience within global pharmaceutical industry, Big4 consulting and academic institutions.


Oleksandr Topachevskyi

Founder / Health Economist

Andrew Volovyk

Managing partner / UI / UX

Victor Turskyi


Valentyn Siabro

Data Scientist