Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) – an effective marketing and market access technique in pharmaceutical industry

Constant refinement of USP and value proposition is one of the main principles of modern marketing and it has found a reflection in Market Access too. It is important for pharmaceutical and medical devices companies to know their customers’ perceptions, needs and expectations. To meet and satisfy the demand for specific information or clinical evidence and to assign a fair market price in ever changing and evolving healthcare evidence and Real World Data (RWE). 

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Why economic evaluation of health and healthcare is different from traditional goods and services?

We raise the question of difference between economic evaluation of health and traditional goods and services because healthcare market is conceptually different, thus requires different approach to evaluation.

This issue has been catching attention of many economists for the past decades. One of the most notable among them is 1963 Nobel Prize winner Kenneth Arrow[1] and his work “Uncertainty and the welfare economics of medical care”. Despite the fact that more than forty years passed since the publication – it still remains actual and of current interest.

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Why eDetailing is an effective way to communicate your value story?

Usually when sales rep has a meeting with doctor, payer or provider, the time frame is very tight. It is a matter of minutes for the rep to bring the key message to a target audience. It is important to spend the time rationally and present the core idea alongside strong arguments, while being as laconic as possible.

However, this does not mean that the presentation shouldn’t contain supplementary information and specific details the payer might potentially be interested in. It should, together with evidence for all possible answers for the questions that may occur. In other words, the rep must be ready to be as precise and informative, as the audience requests.

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Digital Technologies in Healthcare and obstacles to their adoption in large organisations

In the current age of rapidly developing informational technologies they are literally impacting more and more spheres of social life, and Healthcare has not been an exception. Such notions as Digital Marketing and eDetailing have infiltrated pharmaceutical and life science industries long ago and reliably anchored within. This process quickly included the products of fast growing market of mobile/tablet devices and other gadgets. Thus, new user-friendly application development opportunities were discovered, often accompanied by cloud-based technologies, which are globally accessible and synched.

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