Social media analytics

The final solutions include following features: SM listening, data mining, monitoring and analytics. It is also possible to conduct prospective or retrospective studies in SM. The main goal of these products is to handle raw data, process it and deliver complete insights to the end users. These insights could be descriptive statistics reports (as you see on picture above), spreadsheets with various metrics, csv file or more sophisticated tracking tools. It is feasible to measure impact of any offline activity using aggregated indexes, based on social metrics — so it's possible to form a detailed view on ROI or KPI of brand marketing campaign. We use hashtags to fetch data feeds and own algorithms to locate key opinion leaders. And since the social data is very fluid even during a day / hour — we deliver fast availability of such data.Thus, there's no any time breakpoints to receive fresh reports.

Depending on your issue we are able to perform a historical tracking& The history level depends on social network you wish to research from. Twitter data are able since 2006. Also we support: Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest.