Value Communication Toolkit and Interactive Global Value Dossier

Value Communication Toolkit is a complete pack of evidence developed to engage with multiple audiences (HCP, budget holder, hospital manager) and fully support various roles in global pharma organisation.


  • easy navigation. Necessary evidence are always within few clicks
  • layered communication and popups providing additional information
  • embedded references manager. allows to master and include references and original articles in pdf
  • Easy content updates and pushes to mobile/pc devices using cloud infrastructure
  • Closed Loop Marketing allowing to understand customer perceptions (embedded questioners)
  • country views on data and content. easily present granular data from multiple countries
  • country specific views
  • integrate other digital content and multimedia (animations and videos)
  • Integrate external live data
  • runs on any platform (PC, Mobile) or browser

General framework for value proposition
Layered communication
Model elements